Blake's TowingNever drive a car that is not safe or legal to drive.

Your safety is of the utmost importance, but it is also important to remember that driving a damaged vehicle could inflict additional damage. That’s why Collision Craft offers concierge transportation for you if your vehicle is not safely driveable.

Towing should be executed by qualified and well equipped individuals.

Unfortunately, some towing companies do not use the best equipment to tow vehicles, risking your car’s safety in the process. Collision Craft maintains a relationship with Blake’s Towing, an extremely reputable and qualified company offering around-the-clock service.

We guarantee with Blake’s Towing:

Your car will be relocated (level and secure) on a flatbed, never pulled.
If necessary, your car will be safely stored overnight.
We will reimburse them at that time and include the charges in the repair bill.

We cannot insure this with any other company. We prefer to make the arrangements for you when possible, but if in the event of an emergency or after hours, here’s what to do:

During business hours, call us at 410-342-1560. After hours, Blake’s Towing can be contacted directly at 410-574-2264.