Of all the components that go into a successful collision repair, the paint is the most visible. Paint is what really finishes the process, making the repaired portion of the vehicle match the undamaged parts. Painting a vehicle is a process involving multiple layers of primer and paint, and when it’s done right, you don’t notice: the color matches perfectly and the whole vehicle looks like it did before the accident.

So you might think that once the color is matched, the rest doesn’t matter much … paint is paint, right? Not quite.

Unless you’re in the auto body business you’ve probably never heard the name Glasurit. But it’s a name that’s important to getting the best results from your collision repair. Glasurit products come from industry leader BASF, and have long been regarded worldwide as the “top of the line” auto paint finish. This is why we chose to use them here at Jeff Shaw’s Collision Craft.

Why? Because Glasurit products are superior in every way to the standard primers and paints used in most shops. They help us to get the best results possible in restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, which is what we’re all about.

You probably don’t care that Glasurit products are easier to apply, dry faster and can be sanded right away. Or maybe you do, because all those features allow us to be more efficient, delivering top-quality results in the shortest possible time.

The Glasurit primers and paints we use are also low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products which meet or exceed already stringent MDE regulations. In English, that means they release fewer fumes into the air and are better for the environment.

And here’s where you’ll really notice a difference, but not right away: Glasurit products are more durable than their competitors, so you can count on your vehicle’s finish looking good for years to come.

So here’s our advice: before you choose an auto body repair facility, ask what brand of paint products they’ll use on your vehicle.

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