practicesAt Jeff Shaw’s Collision Craft, every one of our employees is passionate about cars and quality craftsmanship. They understand the love that you have for your car, because they feel that way about their own. They also know the stress of having work done and dealing with insurance companies.

At Collision Craft you’ll be treated the way that that Jeff would want his family to be treated: with honesty and respect; always receiving the highest quality service.

We promise to always:

Take a Quality Approach

Collision Craft understands that the total is only as good as the sum of its parts. Like a chef using the best ingredients to bake a cake or cook a gourmet meal, every employee believes that when it comes to automotive repairs and servicing, it’s important to take an overall quality approach. That’s why we utilize the best parts, materials, tools and technicians to uphold our own standards and values when it comes to quality, but also to surpass your own high expectations.

Educate the Customer

Jeff works hard to create an environment that fosters informed decision making. He believes that it is critical that you not only know the full diagnosis and severity of your automotive issues, but also that you’re provided all of the options that are available to you. Additionally, Jeff believes that educating consumers about the triangular relationship between them, a repair service provider and the insurance carrier is absolutely vital. While insurance companies might exert influence in the repair decision-making process, remember that it’s your right to select a repair shop, and to authorize repairs in accordance with your expectations.

Remember That You Are the Customer

Jeff Shaw’s Collision Craft values its relationship with you. Why? Because Jeff’s personal experience has shown him that this is the very best way to provide the superior quality and service that have become the hallmark of the company. Jeff takes this role as a consumer advocate very seriously.

Use the Best Tools and Equipment for Each Job

Cars are always evolving. Outfitting and maintaining a modern collision center involves a large investment in all types of equipment and tools. It also involves an ongoing commitment to purchasing and updating this equipment to make sure our processes are efficient (saving you labor costs) and effective (providing you with the best results). Unfortunately, many shops in the automotive industry lack this commitment towards overall quality.

Jeff Shaw has a very different view. He believes that utilizing proper and state-of-the-art equipment is essential to quality service.

Maintain a Safe Workplace

We maintain a regular workplace hazard communication program to inform and protect all of our employees. In addition, Jeff Shaw employs an industrial compliance company, American Compliance, to implement and review best practices and to ensure that all workplace government standards and regulations are observed to the letter.

Care About the Environment

Collision Craft cares about our planet and the impact that our industry makes. It’s difficult for an auto center to be green, but Collision Craft does its part to minimize our footprint. For example:

Filtration systems are regularly inspected and maintained.

Recycling is the preferred method of waste disposal.

MOSH approved practices are used for other environmentally sound waste removal.

We only spray low-VOC and water based paint.

Collision Craft has earned an EPA Green Certificate for its environmental stewardship

It’s very simple: at Jeff Shaw’s Collision Craft, we treat you the way we would want to be treated.