Paint Process
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We use paints and undercoatings by GLASURIT® (a world leader in coatings technology). They are applied in accordance with BASF recommendations and are backed by the company for as long as you own your car. To achieve the best end result, the painting process is given a great deal of attention.  Take a look at the steps below:



The car is prepped for painting by :

  • Removing any ornamentations to ensure that the car can be properly cleaned and sanded prior to painting (for proper adhesion and coverage).
  • Cleaning the car, especially the repaired area, to ensure thorough and seamless paint application.
  • Sanding the repaired area to further ensure that any work that has been done is invisible to the naked eye.

Paint Mixing & Color Matching

A color match is first done to determine the correct formula (by comparing standards to the existing paint finish and by utilizing a photo spectrometer). In some cases color samples are sent to BASF’s color laboratory for further scientific evaluation and formula development.

The mixing process is done by utilizing computer software which monitors and distributes precise amounts of tinting based on a formula. This software also contains a color database from vehicles produced over the last 50 years for reference and comparison.

Paint Application

Paint application is done in a downdraft Binks spray booth with specially treated air (to avoid contamination of unwanted particulates or moisture in the air and to avoid environmental contamination from the paint).

Once the primer has been applied, a pigment base coat is applied.

Afterwards, 2 – 3 coats of clear coat are applied with (flash) dry time in between.

Once the desired outcome has been met, the paint is baked (cured) and then cooled.


The final step in the paint process is finishing and polishing. This ensures uniformity in the texture of the paint and removes any minor imperfections.