Getting Started
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There are a few things that often need to be done before we can begin the repair process.  Here are the most common:


Damage Mitigation

Sometimes an accident will render your vehicle and personal property vulnerable to additional damage. We make it a top priority to minimize this risk, by doing things like:

• Removing broken glass.

• Providing weather protection.

• Providing clearance between moving parts.

• Mobilizing non-drivable vehicles.

Initial Inspection

With minor incidents visual inspections can sometimes be done during a brief consultation, but with some accidents, we need to perform some minor cleaning and dismantling in order to access any concealed damage. We will make sure this is as non-invasive as possible.

Written Evaluation

After the thorough evaluation of the damage, a detailed scope of work is established. The estimate will be based on specific details from the inspection and will be a direct reflection on the work that is needed to be done. We will do our best to address your core needs and concerns during the evaluation consultation, but keep in mind that we refrain from engaging in competitive bidding.

Insurance Claims

If an insurance claim has been made and an estimate has already been prepared, a supplemental document will often be created to amend any differences. This can then be used for insurance re-inspection purposes. Usually, payment approval is made. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies do not approve the additional work that is needed. In instances such as these, we will not proceed without your approval.

We will provide counsel to you regarding your options within any situation that arises, with your best interests in mind.